Hi! I’m Bernice Jaffe, trained Animal Behaviourist and animal lover in general,
Welcome to my site.

Incase you’re wondering why your pet would need me, I’ll sum it up by saying that my role is to provide support to owners and their dogs, so that they can fully enjoy each other’s company.


It all starts with understanding the dog psyche and their pack instinct, so that we can competently treat dogs that have behaviour problems.  As with everything in life, a calm approach with positive re-enforcement works best.

I hope to provide you with the answers to your basic questions regarding my services and will use this opportunity to briefly explain my approach as a dog behaviourist. 


One of the first questions you might ask is what is the difference between a dog behaviourist and a dog trainer. I suppose, put simply, you could use the analogy of a sports psychologist vs. a personal trainer. One is there to figure you out so that the other can get the very best out of you. Training a dog is indeed one step towards achieving harmony in the home, but understanding a dog creates a stable foundation for a mutually enjoyable relationship.


Loving your dog is just the starting point for a harmonious life together - the rest requires observation, understanding and effective guidance. And that’s what I love to do.


Dog behaviour problems are many and varied; here are some of the areas I can assist you with:


Rank issues (mostly within the home - this is a key issue, believe me!)
Over excitement with visitors
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Separation anxiety
Dog to Dog Aggression
Dog to people aggression
Puppy orientation and related issues
One on one obedience dog training
Unruly behaviour
Chewing/Destructive behaviour
Pulling on a lead
Excitability around visitors
Jumping up
Nipping and biting
Anxiety related aggression
Dominance related aggression
Persistent and Excessive barking
Unwanted digging
Behaviour that relates to nervousness, fear or phobias
Issues with car travel
Recall issues (failing to return, not coming when called)
Toilet training



Email: bark@bernicejaffe.co.za
Tel: 079 883 7566


Please note. I consider it unethical to use prong collars, electric collars or any other cruel devices. My approach is to remain calm at all times. It is well established that shouting is counter productive and I will never handle your dog in a cruel way. I love animals and I use an approach that will be agreeable to both you and your dog.


In a nutshell, most owners are looking for happy, well behaved dogs that fit comfortably into family life. As a full-time dog behaviourist who enjoys an enriched and fun life with my own dogs, this is what I value above all else. How does it work? We set up a time for a home visit to assess the dog and it's environment. Based on what I see and hear, I devise a program that is specific to you and your dog, to help alleviate your individual situation. I’d love to help you to understand your dog a little better and I think the dogs I have worked with have also been able to better understand their owners. I only employ non-aggressive, humane methods of behaviour modification to create a calm, relaxed home at both owner and dog can enjoy.


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"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." Edward Hoagland


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